Mediation Services

Decide for yourself! Others will not do it better.

Mediation can avoid the commencement of a trial before the courts.

Minimum costs. Reduced time. Maximum efficiency. Privacy gauaranted.

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Servicii Mediere Bucuresti

Mediation in criminal cases

Mediere cauze penale

Mediation in civil causes

Mediere cauze civile

Mediation in the causes of family law

Mediere dreptul familiei

Mediation in cases of malpractice

Mediere malpraxis

Mediation in Succession Cases

Mediere succesorala

Mediation in work causes

mediere munca

Mediation in trade causes

Mediere cauze comerciale

Mediation in financial and banking causes

Mediere financiar-bancara


Servicii Mediere Bucuresti

Modern mediation

services that can provide a quick and uncomplicated settlement.
Servicii Mediere Bucuresti

The years of experience

reflect in our projects and make us the best in the field.
Servicii Mediere Bucuresti

Successful team

which can handle any case, regardless of its degree of difficulty.
Servicii Mediere Bucuresti

Dozens of successful

mediation cases. We pride ourselves with a large number of requests that have solved favorably.