Mediation in trade causes

Commercial mediation can occur in both pre-proceedings process (before the start of a trial in court) as well as in the procedural stage, after the writ of summons has been filed for both in appeal as well as in the second appeal.

Commercial causes where mediation is possible:
  • Performance of contracts;
  • Interpretation of contract provisions;
  • Cancellation or termination of contracts;
  • Commercial claims arising out of the non-performance or delayed performance of contracts;
  • Conflicts between various departments of the company;
  • Conflicts between employees, employee and employer etc.
  • Any conflicting situation generated in the performance of contracts of a commercial nature;
  • Conflicts arising between partner commercial companies, conflicts arising within them and conflicts occurring between commercial companies, legal persons and natural persons (as beneficiaries, service providers, etc).
  • Commercial contracts in progress, but also contracts to the end of their execution and on which there is disagreement.